Hi, we’re Axiom International.

In a nutshell, we are a Communication company that specialises in video.

Over 27 years, we have worked with clients all around the world, integrating with them to get their message across. Our international outlook and experience has helped us help our clients communicate effectively. What really sets us apart is our Key Outcome Approach – we can integrate with and support all parts of your process, because we don’t just work for you, we work with you.


Recent Work

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The Complete Solution

Axiom International is part of Axiom Intemarco Group, a partnership between Axiom International in the UK and Intemarco in Sweden.

Your brand is a collection of perceptions held in the mind of not just the customer, but all stakeholders, internal and external. We help you manage the perceptions of a target group by effectively communicating with them. If you manage them properly, these perceptions can secure long term revenue for the business and create lasting value.

There are only three ways of communicating with people. We can help you use them in the most effective manner, and target them efficiently.

For more information on Intemarco, visit www.intemarco.com

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